Beyond the red pen


An explanation of the types of writing that gushes out of my brain into the keyboard:

Jazzing up text to sell a product, service or policy.

Technical Writing
Clear and accurate instructions...unlike ones to assemble flat-pack tables.

An article format that gives an insight into a performance, artwork, movie etc. Even the dodgy plays I've been to, I'm fair in my judgment.

A bit like copywriting but more informative and formal.

Informative and/or opinion pieces about miscellaneous topics, usually around 800 words.

eLearning Storyboards
Writing scripts for eLearning courses using best practice and adult learning principles (I can also develop in Captivate and Articulate).

Writing for the web
No, it's not just copy and paste from existing doco. Web writing is about chunking text under headings and minimising content plus more!


Do you have a Word file that is full of dodgy styles and looks like a dog's breakfast? I can fix it and make it look pretty! I know Word back to front and have seen many grrrr documents.

English to English. Yes, it's a thing! I I can transform UK or USA content into Aussie. It's not just about removing the z's and putting in u's. Why bother? Because Australians get the sh%^&s when text is posh or riddled with sidewalk/trunk/cookies/pop/flip flops.

Hahaha this keyboard is far too clean to be mine... plus I don't paint my nails.

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels