Beyond the red pen


What I edit

An explanation of the types of editing I do.

Web content
I can revise existing web page content such as on intranets to make them accessible to level AA and more usable. I rewrite in plain English, apply style guide requirements and use a Content Management System. See an example of a rewritten web page into plain English (PDF 225KB) .

Making sure all the content that should be there, is there and it's clear and consistent. This kind of editing is done in the early stages of the editing process, and is super important for theses and reports.

Correcting spelling and grammar boo-boos, ensuring tone is consistent and that the content follows the/a style guide.

Checking content against previous versions to makes sure all changes are included.


Organising the efforts of writers, editors, designers and approval authorities to meet a schedule for a document, for example a newsletter or annual report. As a managing editor, I develop a schedule and source/write content, meet with stakeholders and coordinate meetings and deadlines up to printing and delivery (and publication to the Web).

Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

I will red pen the absolute %$^&* out of your work...but only if that's what you want.

What I don't edit

I am not a an accredited editor. I haven't done the tough exam. I am not a grammar genius. I don't know what every single squiggle proofreader mark is. I don't guarantee 100% perfection.

I do small projects for people who want their words to be better. 

I don't edit these, as they are too 'high stakes':

  • Government annual reports
  • Scientific journal articles
  • Contracts