Beyond the red pen

Strengths and weaknesses

The Dream


2020 - Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) a Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology.

2020 - Australian Online Courses. Certificate of Retail Buying and Strategic Planning.

Unit 1 - Merchandise buying strategy. Unit 2 - Manage retail merchandise.

2020 - Business of Fashion. Online course. Buying and Merchandising. 

2020 - Business of Fashion. Online course. Digital Marketing.

Evening gown - dodgy drawing

Fabric testing

Design and fabric samples

Fashion Miscellany

From styling stuffed birds with costume jewellery, to conjuring up a wedding dress for my childhood German Shepherd, fashion has always been in my life.

My goal was to transfer into the fashion industry full time from 2020. I even did courses and persevered with sewing. But then the pandemic hit, and I'd have been an idiot to quit a stable job. 

It's still a dream to work in the fashion industry, but on the business side. I'd be very well suited to merchandise planning, and anything that involves research.


  • Analysing data, then writing into reports that make sense.
  • Research: trawling through websites, journals, magazines; conducting interviews; running surveys.
  • Boring admin stuff: I actually like filing emails and writing procedures.


  • Sewing! I can't sew a straight line longer than three stitches. Yes, even with a fancy machine. I just suck.
  • Schmoozing: I am not into fake darling darling stuff. Genuine conversation, sure. Gossip: no way.

Dog wedding dress...I was 12 OK?!